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Television Ad Production Elgin

8 seconds.  That’s what you have.  8 seconds is now the average attention span of humans.  That means that your television advertisement doesn’t just need to be unique, simple, stylized, it has to grab the attention of the audience within 8 seconds.  Add in the fact that most people try to fast forward television ads, and the changing landscape of how they are produced and played and there is no denying it; the age of advertising on television has changed. 

Don’t worry though.  Local television ad production studios in Elgin are here to help.  They can work with you and develop your message into that beautiful spot you need.  Grindstone Production has been working with local Elgin businesses for 30 years to craft their messages and to give them the quality ad they need. When you choose to work with Grindstone you are choosing to work with a service that will work with you and take care of all you need so that your business can reap the benefits of a highly produced amazing advertisement 

We are one of the top services in the area and can produce your ad whenever you are ready.  Give us a call today and let’s start planning your shoot now or fill out the form to the right and one of our production heads will get back to you as soon as possible.  You have a message, let Grindstone make it seen!

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Television Ad Production Elgin

The landscape of television is changing.  What is important to remember is that the way that ads are produced is changing as well.  What we saw on advertisements just 10-20 years ago is considered laughable today.  With the advent of online video, streaming, new cable packages, and local television advertising are completely different. 

So what are you going to do with your 8 Seconds to get someone’s attention and to retain it?  How are you going to parlay that into a 30 second 1 minute or 2-minute spot? That is where a great television advertising production studio in Elgin, can come into play. They can work with you in order to convey your message to the masses through the changes in local television advertising. 

Here are some things you should think about when it comes to making a television ad: 

1. Open Strong: Since we only have 8 seconds to capture the audience’s attention you want to have a strong opening.  Something different and something unique that is going to get that person engaged in what is going on with the story of the ad.  Local television advertisements in Elgin need to separate themselves out from the competition. If you can get a humorous opening, a different opening, then your competition then you have already won the battle. 

2. Work Within the Limits: If you have a spot for local television in Elgin, work within the limits, and know the audience.  Not just who is watching but also the users of the platform you are choosing to avertise on. Comcast is starting produce local ads to run in the marketplace you choose during the block you choose. So think who is watching tv, who is watching it live, and where is that message going out to. That makes it different then running your ad online where you might have 5 seconds for someone to skip the next video.  Determine your platform and the production team in Elgin will curtail that information into producing your ad. 

3. Important information out front:  Don’t bury the lead. Always have the phone number displayed. Don’t worry about informing the audience of all the ways they can contact you in Elgin.  For this exaple let’s take a local Elgin store that is having a sale. Start with the best information first, you are having a sale.  Then your location, how do you take advantage of the sale.  Finally end with what is on sale.  This way if someone turns off the ad or tunes out you can still get thm to come into the store.  Leave the extra stuff for the end. 

4. Keep it Simple: Don’t plan an elaborate story with your ad.  Make it simple.  People need to know what is happening immediately in order for them to pay attention to.  The simpler an ad is, the more people will respond to it. Let’s take our local Elgin store again.  Audiences don’t need to see 15-20 seconds of people talking or discussing the sale they just want to see a sale.  Have you ever traveled to a different city?  When riding in a taxi cab you might have screens that are playing ads for local businesses and shows.  Think of those, they are simple, they are dumbed down, but they work. 

5. Be Unique:  uniqueness is going to separate you out from the rest.  It’s important to try and come up with a unique idea to convey information simply and upfront so that your business increases. Try something new and never been done before in your industry.  it is also okay to take someone else’s idea and make it your own. That’s allowed, as long as it in a different industry.  Be a visionary for your marketplace. 

6. Memorable:  Are you going to use a jingle?  How about a tag line?  Local Elgin television studios are ready to play your ad it’s time to think about what is going to make it stick.  We can all still recite the Empire Carpet song but we won’t think of the substance of those advertisements.  No one understands memorable television ads like local Eglin video production companies. 

Television Production Studios Elgin

When you are ready to take that leap give Grindstone Productions a call!  We are the number one service in the area at being able to work with local businesses in Elgin and help them make their dreams a reality.  Please feel free to read more about what we do in Elgin, Illinois below.

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